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EmailMarketing, CRM and WhatsApp


Email Marketing, CRM and WhatsApp Business

Customer Management Processes and Tasks

Customer Management Processes and Tasks

Whatsapp Business: Automates Sales and Loyalty Processes

Whatsapp Business: Automates Sales and Loyalty Processes

Customer Loyalty Management (CRM)

Customer Loyalty Management (CRM)

Manual and Automatic Sending of Emails

Manual and Automatic Sending of Emails

Mass Email Campaign Scheduling

Mass Email Campaign Scheduling

Email Marketing Campaign Automation (Autoresponders)

Email Marketing Campaign Automation (Autoresponders)


Automation Tools with Cutting Edge Technology

Autoresponder <br> (Email Marketing)

(Email Marketing)

CRM: <br>Customer Loyalty<br>Business Leads

Customer Loyalty
Business Leads

WhatsApp Business<br>Automate Sales 24/7<br> and Grow Your Business

WhatsApp Business
Automate Sales 24/7
and Grow Your Business

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Daniel Encizo
“Daniel Encizo”

In our company, we have saved valuable time and resources thanks to the automation of email campaigns offered by

Carlos Alvarado - Communicator
“Carlos Alvarado”

As the leader of the communications area in our company, I can say that Mailerturbo has been an essential tool for

Romina Cardenas del Rosario
“Romina Cardenas”

Mailerturbo's customer service is exceptional. They are always available to answer questions and solve any problems we may

Frecuently Asked Questions

Un formulario es una herramienta que permite recoger información proporcionada voluntariamente por los usuarios o participantes. Se usa en muchos contextos diferentes, como en encuestas, inscripciones, exámenes y, como mencioné antes, en páginas web para interactuar con los visitantes y recoger sus datos. Los formularios pueden ser tanto digitales como en papel, y generalmente constan de una serie de preguntas y campos que el usuario debe completar.


Los campos personalizados son elementos de un formulario o base de datos que se pueden adaptar para recoger información específica según las necesidades de quien diseña el formulario o la base de datos. Estos campos no son los estándares que comúnmente se encuentran en todas las formas (como nombre, dirección, correo electrónico, etc.)


Mailerturbo is simpler, but at the same time it is more complete, because it is not only an autoresponder, but, with the powerful CRM included, you can be sure that you can build a subscriber's loyalty until he/she becomes a customer and, of course, your valuable asset over time.

In the CRM area, mailerturbo gives you some indispensable tools and resources to make the process of prospect or subscriber loyalty successful and help you achieve the goals in the timeline to keep you or your business with a constant flow of sales and new customers.

It is an innovative and intuitive system that brings the autoresponder or email marketing service, plus the CRM service, therefore, with mailerturbo you will not only be able to manage your contacts or subscribers as you do with a conventional autoresponder, but additionally, you will be able to create sales flows, customer loyalty and selective follow-up, which translates into greater effectiveness and results when creating your value asset over time with the autoresponder, you will be able to create sales flows, customer loyalty and selective follow-up, which translates into greater effectiveness and results when creating your value asset over time with the autoresponder, plus optimize the growth of your customer database and sales of your business with the CRM.

First of all, we have more than 10 years in the important subject of email deliverability through autoresponder or email marketing platforms, which gives us authority and experience in this important subject.

Among many options, we have different deliverability channels which we classify depending on the market niche to which our clients belong and of course, their subscribers.
We have different security and anti-spam filters that run instantly every time there is a new email record in any of our customers and of course we have important metrics that give us specific indicators to determine the health of deliverability of all our channels and keep them in white lists, so that they can be well seen and received by large email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Microsoft and many more.

The support service goes from before you purchase your mailerturbo license, until long after the sale, because for us, you as a customer come first.

The support service is in live chat from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, our customers can have the same service. Additionally, we have a learning center with step by step video tutorials where you will be able to learn how to manage the platform easily and in all aspects.